School Closes Canteen and Now the Children Choose Broccoli

Auckland primary school children are growing their own vegetables – and actually want to eat the fruits of their labour.

Lincoln Heights Primary School in Massey closed its canteen late last year, and now students grow their own healthy food. The school garden had vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, beans, bok choy, lettuce and corn.

The school has taken a student-led approach to build a healthier food environment for the school population.

Associate principal Toby Kite said students planted their own food in the school’s garden, and were able to enjoy the produce at the end of the year. Kite said the approach had created a lot of enthusiasm and excitement from the students, most of whom had created their own gardens at home.

Year 5 students said they looked forward to getting their hands dirty for the gardening class.

Lincoln Heights was one of more than 30 schools in West Auckland that implemented water-only policies across school environments.

Source: Schools closes canteen and now the children choose to eat broccoli