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Daycares in Finland Changed Children’s Immune Systems With Forest Floor Play-yards

Recent research from Finland suggests that children's immune system can be boosted by letting them play in soil more often.

A Retired Teacher Seeds Organic Farming in India

Watching the graying man work for hours in the rice fields, you would never guess he is actually retired and has been for many years. Since 1998, retired teacher Natabar Sarangi has spent his days collecting native seeds across India. So far, he has collected over 350 seed varieties...

The Variety of Our Food Crops is Declining

Potatoes are native to the Andes, and over 4,000 varieties are grown there now. They come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors – red, yellow, purple, striped and spotted. This wide array of types is an example of agrobiodiversity – a genetic legacy created by natural selection interacting with cultural...

India’s Gaffarbhai Qureshi Traveled 19 States and Grew 5200 Varieties of Plants

Gafarbhai Qureshi has collected over 5200 types of plants in his nursery and gives free information and training to farmers and students about these plants, herbs and trees. His father, a small farmer from Ramdechi of Junagarh district of Gujarat, had four acres of land, a well and 50 plants. He...