Imagine a life where you get all your fruits and vegetables straight from your garden such that you can say with absolute confidence that they are all toxin – free!

Compared to most produce grown conventionally that is available in the markets, in organic farming the plants are grown using little or no pesticides and other chemicals; so the produce is known to be fresher, richer in nutrients, and often also tastes better.

From preparing salads and smoothies to making elaborate feasts and meals, you can use the produce from your backyard for various things without the need for a trip to the grocery store. What a boon indeed!

If you desire having your own backyard kitchen, and would like some inspiration, look no further. In an Instagram Reel, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar gives a tour of his own kitchen garden, showing off a variety of vegetables while planning his next cooking session.

In the video, Tendulkar starts by plucking some radish, and points out towards some other crops in his garden area – Chickpea, capsicum, zucchini; and rows of aubergines. He then enthusiastically shares about some of the dishes he has prepared for his family using these vegetables.

Moving through his garden, he approaches his spinach plantation where he crouches while checking on his babies. Talking about his mother’s recipe, he exclaims soon after harvesting some of the fresh green spinach leaves that he’s going to take these ingredients home and cook.

The video ends with Tendulkar picking up his basket, observing that he had harvested some spinach and white and red radishes during this visit. As he makes his way back home, he shares one last bit. Not only does he get to feed these nutrition rich vegetables to his family, he also gets to keep his passion for cooking alive.

Source: Auto Draft