As long as there is a steady internet connection available, the “Work-from-Home” format has enabled employees of various professions to effectively flex their time, spend more of it with family and also to pursue other interests and skills.

The pandemic-induced shift in work culture has allowed professionals in Bengaluru to pick up habits centered on family health and wellness. This has had an impact on food habits as well, as people across the city have been transitioning towards consciously consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably grown using as little chemical pesticide and insecticide as possible.

Among these are change-makers who have decided to get involved in the process of growing the organic produce that they and their families consume. Many Bengalureans are now seeking land in and around the city, not for homes, but farming, where they can spend quality time farming with their families at least on weekends and holidays. A few are even choosing to live and work on their farms.

In interviews with Bangalore Mirror, software professionals Devesh and Manjunath K. shared their perspectives on buying land and getting to work on it. Working 5 days a week in a tech role, Manjunath describes the weekends engaged in farming as being stress-free and relaxing, while also increasing their overall productivity. “Thanks to my farm, my kids are also getting practical lessons about farms, birds, fruits and vegetables. Otherwise their knowledge would have been limited just to books,” he shared.

Not only are these urban farmers getting to grow and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, they enjoy the freedom to choose which plants to grow. Experiences of the initial few, have influenced many friends and family to move towards a similar way of life, ushering in a better urban future.