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Cut-and-Come-Again Gardening

Learn how to extend the growing season for certain types of plants, allowing for larger harvests and effectively utilising the time and energy invested.

Weekday Employees, Weekend Farmers

A side-effect of the pandemic has been Bangalore techies turning into part-time farmers.

Highlighting innovation in the AgTech industry

A piece on awards that recognise the abundant innovation in agriculture, Ag-tech products, services and organisations that sets them apart within the industry.

The Mad Gardener

Urban farmer (and social media influencer) shares her farming journey with millions, taking them around her vibrant terrace garden.

The Urban Ecologist at Moonwater Farm, California

Kathleen Blakistone first became interested in gardening when her son was in third grade at McKinley Elementary School in Santa Monica. She joined a group of parent volunteers, known as the “Gardening Angels,” under the tutelage of Bonnie Freeman. Freeman led the Santa Monica School Garden Project, which created...

Indian Woman Sets An Example for Neighbours With Rooftop Farm

A woman named Pushpa Sahu is setting an example with her unconventional way of farming on her home’s rooftop in Raipur, India. Ms. Sahu has converted the rooftop into a mini-farm. She is using waste from her house and recycled water to grow fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. She...

Hong Kong Finds Bliss in Rooftop Gardens

Rooftops in densely populated Hong Kong are fast turning ­greener and more fertile as urban farmers seek to grow crops from their homes and offices and create a more liveable community. Some 60 rooftop farms and 1,400 farmers have emerged locally over the past decade, and a handful of farms...

Urban Farming: Cultivating Real Change In Cape Town

Recent concerns about transparency of food supply and mislabelling are certainly a welcome change, but even so, such questions are still a luxury of the affluent, especially in a Cape Town where issues around food insecurity far outweigh those around food integrity. It's only logical then that a selection of...

Australia’s Karenni Refugees Cultivate Community Through Wollongong Farming Initiative

Developing small farms on unused land in urban areas could help alleviate chronic unemployment for refugees resettled in Australia. At Mangerton in Wollongong, Karenni refugees are transforming a steep hillside next to the Saint Therese Primary School, into a traditional terraced garden. According to University of Wollongong geographer Ananth Gopal, community...

The Urban Farming Pioneer Who Wants To Feed The City’s Soul

For four years after giving up his corporate job which was making him miserable, Bjorn Low spend a happy four years working on organic farms in far-flung places such as Scotland, Spain and Japan. How could one farm without land? While looking around Singapore, the many green spaces in the...