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Bite-Sized Farming

Cousins in Kenya are building hydroponic vertical farming systems to support urban dwellers shift to healthier alternatives.

Weekday Employees, Weekend Farmers

A side-effect of the pandemic has been Bangalore techies turning into part-time farmers.

Urban Farming Can Help Grow The Young Generation’s Attention Span

Attention spans among all age groups have been deteriorating for numerous reasons. Scientists have proven a direct linkage between this ease in distractability, and what we consume.


This leafy green superfood is healthy and tasty! It can be added to any and every dish one might think to consume - from health drinks, snacks, main dishes and sides.


With applications in cuisine and in health, this all-pervasive herb is easy to grow and maintain. Learn how to take care of it and add its spice to your life.

Daycares in Finland Changed Children’s Immune Systems With Forest Floor Play-yards

Recent research from Finland suggests that children's immune system can be boosted by letting them play in soil more often.

Motown to Growtown: Detroit’s Urban Farmers (First screened in 2012, and a 2019 update)

Residents of the US city of Detroit are now producing organic food locally, reducing the environmental footprint of their food by cutting down on carbon emissions from transport and on chemical inputs. They are also helping revive communities as new green spaces and farmer's markets crop up, providing neighbourhoods...

Local Physician in Maasin City Philippines Encourages Growing Own Food

Ron Finley’s saying, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money,” is related to what you can achieve if you will plant your own food through food gardening, Provincial Health Physician Dr. Noel Lumen disclosed. During the Nutrition Month Culmination activity in July, Lumen said that planting your...

Black Farmers Reviving Their African Roots

Xavier Brown formed a partnership with Boe Luther and Wallace Kirby, two gardeners from Ward 7 who started Hustlaz 2 Harvesters to offer people released from incarceration ways out of poverty into urban agriculture careers and other social enterprises. Brown, a certified master composter for the city, helped Luther...

Farmers in India’s First 100% Organic State Need Support

Sikkim was declared as India's first 100% organic state in 2016. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had praised the move towards traditional farming and urged other states to emulate Sikkim's organic agriculture model. Launched as an ambitious programme through a resolution passed by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly in 2003, and gradually implemented...