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Uganda Schools Promote Urban Farming

Uganda's crowded capital Kampala offers little space to grow crops. But some schools in the city are promoting a new initiative - which helps students stay healthy and save money.

Tech-Savvy Kenyan Youth Head Back To The Farm

When Francis Njoroge graduated with an engineering degree in Nairobi, he expected to earn a six-figure salary. Instead he found himself working as an electrician on a three-month contract, for 20,000 Kenyan shillings (about $200) per month. He decided to move back to his parents’ farm in Kimandi, a village...

Changing Lives, Gaining Respect – Urban Farmers of Nairobi (Video)

This is a 15 minute overview of Nairobi's urban farmers. Mazingira Institute provides training to young urban farmers on efficient use of urban spaces, job creation, organic crops, livestock and health issues. Women and youth farmer hubs have formed a platform and network for community practice advancing food security...

Africa Needs Its Version Of Vertical Farms To Feed Growing Cities

Vertical farms use high tech lighting and climate controlled buildings to grow crops like leafy greens or herbs indoors while using less water and soil. Because it's a closed growing system, with controlled evaporation from plants, this farms use 95% less water than traditional farms. At the same time, most vertical...