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Is Expecting Food Security and RoI from Vertical Farming a Tall Order?

The vertical farming industry is being put to the test as it attempts to resolve challenges of food production with climate change while coping with investor's return-on-investment expectations and market fluctuations.

Keep Calm and Curry On!

The Curry plant can spice up your life as a bush in a kitchen garden or as a tall tree with ample shade from the sun.

Lagos – Towards a Progressive Sustainable Economy

Lagos City fruits
Lagos government and residents are moving towards a smarter, more nourishing food system.

A Square Metre to Feed A Family

Working towards food security, authorities in Kerala and India overall, are strategising to boost urban farming initiatives within the country.

Feeding the Future of Agriculture with Vertical Farming

Field farming requires labour, amenable weather conditions, adequate sunshine for photosynthesis, irrigation, and often pesticides to protect crops. Vertical farming, a term coined by Dickson Despommier, is the practice of producing food in vertically-stacked layers. These “farms” make use of enclosed structures like warehouses and shipping containers to provide a...

Urban Edge Farm Programme Offers Immersion Learning

To First Generation Farmers Executive Director Alli Cecchini and head farmer Eleanor VanHof, a 13-acre section of the prime farmland in the Bay Area’s east Contra Costa County is the site of the long-dreamed-of Urban Edge Sustainable Farming (UESF). For the first cohort of students, many of them women, people...

Weekly Market Gives Public A Taste Of Foods Restaurants Choose

The innovative foods sold within the walls of an old printing warehouse on San Antonio’s near East Side include a freshly fermented bloody mary mix, locally farmed produce or a cluster of black garlic. “The main reason for the event is to get chefs down here and see what we...

A Garden And A ‘Share Shed’ Build A More Inclusive Neighborhood

Last summer, Wen Lee and her husband Chris Stratton, had a surplus of vegetables growing in their garden. The couple built what they call a “Share Shed” using donated paint from neighbors, scrap wood, and other material leftover from previous projects. The shed allows community members to take what they...

Dogpatch Urban Gardens Is Changing The Des Moines Foodscape

Dogpatch Urban Gardens is the only for-profit farm in Des Moines city limits - the realization of one of Jenny Quiner's dreams. Quiner, one of the Des Moines Register's People To Watch for 2018, already has a steady flow of business and is looking to turn her farmstead into a...

Why We Should Be Urban Farming (Video)

In our recent history, we have removed the growing of food far away from the places where more than half of humanity today lives - the cities (UN statistics from 2014 show that 54 per cent of human population is now in urban areas). This video (below) makes a strong...