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Decommissioned Prisons Rejuvenating Communities

North Carolina based non-profit - Growing Change is working with youth and army veterans in two of America's least healthy counties by 'flipping' old, unused prisons to provide stable employment; bring access to locally grown food and reduce juvenile delinquency.

Australia’s Karenni Refugees Cultivate Community Through Wollongong Farming Initiative

Developing small farms on unused land in urban areas could help alleviate chronic unemployment for refugees resettled in Australia. At Mangerton in Wollongong, Karenni refugees are transforming a steep hillside next to the Saint Therese Primary School, into a traditional terraced garden. According to University of Wollongong geographer Ananth Gopal, community...

Accra’s Urban Farmers Need Support

In Accra, urban farming is responsible for 90 percent of the city’s fresh vegetables and 46 percent of the capital’s households are involved in it, according to a 2012 report published by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). However, despite the popularity of urban farming, it operates on the peripheries...