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Smell of The Earth – Natural Farming Course

Among numerous opportunities to learn and grow, this family-run farm invites visitors to come and learn different techniques in permaculture and urban farming, to share with the community.

Beginner’s Veggie Guide

Here are some tips and techniques to get you started on your dream of growing your own food and herbs.

Mulch needed

There are many ways in which one can protect the soil and plants we grow. Read about one such method that can be done with organic and inorganic materials alike..

Worms, Partners for Your Crop

Worms provide a sustainable alternative to landfills for kitchen and garden waste and help in improving soil health.

Daycares in Finland Changed Children’s Immune Systems With Forest Floor Play-yards

Recent research from Finland suggests that children's immune system can be boosted by letting them play in soil more often.

Aranya – Turning Barren Land Into A Food Forest With Permaculture

Padma and Narsanna Koppula have turned a barren piece of land in India's Medak district into a food forest by engaging the community that lives around it. Narsanna and Padma have been pursuing permaculture for several years now. According to them, permaculture is pro-nature and pro-people. The word ’permaculture’ is...

Urban Edge Farm Programme Offers Immersion Learning

To First Generation Farmers Executive Director Alli Cecchini and head farmer Eleanor VanHof, a 13-acre section of the prime farmland in the Bay Area’s east Contra Costa County is the site of the long-dreamed-of Urban Edge Sustainable Farming (UESF). For the first cohort of students, many of them women, people...

Detroit Dirt – Bringing Waste to Life

Pashon Murray cofounded Detroit Dirt in 2010 as a local compost company, which focuses on being an engine for waste reduction and climate benefits. As a child growing up in Grand Rapids, she watched her father run a waste removal company and accompanied him on trips to the landfill. Today, this...

8 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

If you think that more people around you are getting involved with growing food plants around their house, you are correct. There are some very good reasons why you should consider doing so yourself. Most retail chains today procure fruits and vegetables from large producers. These are usually grown...

Futuristic Farming, In The City

Kern Agrawal was just 20 when he was introduced to the bliss and sanity of organic gardening and urban farming by his long-time girlfriend and now wife, Ranjani, over a decade ago. Kern was ushered into the art and science of agriculture in his final year of MBA at the...