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Is Expecting Food Security and RoI from Vertical Farming a Tall Order?

The vertical farming industry is being put to the test as it attempts to resolve challenges of food production with climate change while coping with investor's return-on-investment expectations and market fluctuations.

Bite-Sized Farming

Cousins in Kenya are building hydroponic vertical farming systems to support urban dwellers shift to healthier alternatives.

Highlighting innovation in the AgTech industry

A piece on awards that recognise the abundant innovation in agriculture, Ag-tech products, services and organisations that sets them apart within the industry.

Cultivation Amidst Urbanization in Seoul

South Korea makes great strides to promote urban farming given the proven ecological and socioeconomic benefits. Seoul government encourages its citizens leading to a significant rise in the number of farms across the city. The way things go, this growing trend is only going to continue.

Feeding the Future of Agriculture with Vertical Farming

Field farming requires labour, amenable weather conditions, adequate sunshine for photosynthesis, irrigation, and often pesticides to protect crops. Vertical farming, a term coined by Dickson Despommier, is the practice of producing food in vertically-stacked layers. These “farms” make use of enclosed structures like warehouses and shipping containers to provide a...

The Direct-to-Consumer Model of Montreal’s Lufa Farms

One of Canada’s largest urban farming projects, Lufa Farms is the brainchild of Mohamed Hage and Lauren Rathmell. In 2011, Hage and Rathmell opened the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse, a 31,000-square-foot space atop an old Montreal warehouse. They now oversee three hydroponic greenhouses, each placed on a sturdy,...

Indian Startup Aims to Bring Vertical Farming To Your Doorstep

A Mumbai-based start-up,  U-Farm Technologies, is using hydroponic techniques to customise modular farms for an individual apartment complex or for a supermarket. A group of four, comprising three graduate students from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani and a horticulturist, came with an idea of building an automated,...

From Trains to Salad: Tokyo Metro Is Now Growing Vegetables

Under the name "Tokyo Salad" subway operator Tokyo Metro Co. is growing lettuce, assorted salad greens, and even herbs at a facility near the Nishi-kasai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line. The cultivation warehouse Metro vegetable center is located under the elevated train tracks of the line. In the...

Vertical Farming As A Solution To Urbanisation

A New York-based sustainability strategist, Henry Gordon-Smith, said more and more young people were attracted to vertical farming. Vertical farming is producing food on vertically stacked layers, or in high rise buildings, rooftops, glasshouses, warehouses, or shipping containers. He said it was becoming increasingly popular in countries such as the United...

Farms Are Growing In Kuala Lumpur

THE notion that farming is an activity that requires a huge land area has been clearly debunked as urban farming gains ground among Malaysian city dwellers. In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Wong Min Lik has co-founded Moutou Art Space on the rooftop of a building at Lorong Panggong. An empty...