A Class 6 student from Ambalavayal, Kerala, India, has turned her courtyard into a vegetable garden.

11-year-old Shikha Lubna, daughter of Abdul Basheer and Nasriya, has been active in farming since she was in Class 1.

Shikha’s garden consists of almost all major varieties of vegetables and nearly 30 types of fruits. Shikha grows Chinese cauliflower, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, green chilli, spinach and other vegetables. Shikha also nurtures 30 fruit plants including fig, pulasan, durian, baraba, gooseberry, custard apple and sapota.

Shikha finds time for farming mornings, evenings and on holidays. After taking produce for her family’s use, she distributes the rest to neighbours.

Shikha follows organic methods of farming, using bio-manures such as cow dung, goat manure, coconut husk and wood shavings, and uses red pepper solution and garlic solution as pesticides.

Her father Abdul Basheer, who runs a bakery in Ambalavayal, supports her passion for agriculture.

The 11-year-old is determined to pursue a career in agriculture. Her ambition is to become a world renowned agriculturist and a social reformer.

Source: Meet Shikha Lubna, the 11-year young model in agriculture