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Cultivation Amidst Urbanization in Seoul

South Korea makes great strides to promote urban farming given the proven ecological and socioeconomic benefits. Seoul government encourages its citizens leading to a significant rise in the number of farms across the city. The way things go, this growing trend is only going to continue.

In Montenegro Urban Agriculture Projects Are Blossoming During The Pandemic

Whether due to job losses or as a way to escape the dull reality of quarantine measures, or both, many citizens of Montenegro have started cultivating gardens, parks and any other available land during the COVID pandemic. Since this spring, new urban farmers in Bar and other towns have either...

The Variety of Our Food Crops is Declining

Potatoes are native to the Andes, and over 4,000 varieties are grown there now. They come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors – red, yellow, purple, striped and spotted. This wide array of types is an example of agrobiodiversity – a genetic legacy created by natural selection interacting with cultural...

A ₹20 (US$0.30) Waste Decomposer Bottle To Solve Crop Residue Problem

Farmers in the Indian state of Punjab are trying to adopt alternatives to avoid the burning of crop stubble that causes heavy smog and health problems not only in the neigbourhood but hundreds of kilometres away. The latest is the use of "waste decomposer" in the fields, prepared by...