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Keep Calm and Curry On!

The Curry plant can spice up your life as a bush in a kitchen garden or as a tall tree with ample shade from the sun.


This leafy green superfood is healthy and tasty! It can be added to any and every dish one might think to consume - from health drinks, snacks, main dishes and sides.

Dogpatch Urban Gardens Is Changing The Des Moines Foodscape

Dogpatch Urban Gardens is the only for-profit farm in Des Moines city limits - the realization of one of Jenny Quiner's dreams. Quiner, one of the Des Moines Register's People To Watch for 2018, already has a steady flow of business and is looking to...

Growing Greens in the Spare Room as ‘Vertical Farm’ Start-Ups Flourish

Dan Albert’s farm is far from traditional. Farmbox Greens is inside a two-car garage behind Mr. Albert’s Seattle home. It consists of 600 square feet of microgreens grown in vertically stacked trays beneath LED lights. He now has three employees and sells his greens...