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Beginner’s Veggie Guide

Here are some tips and techniques to get you started on your dream of growing your own food and herbs.

Growing Food In A Suburban Garden Restores Vital Connection To Nature

All her life, Jane Griffiths knew that growing her own food made economic and environmental sense. "My mom grew up on a farm in East Griqualand and I spent plenty of time there when I was young," she says. "The farm was almost completely self-sufficient and I have many wonderful...

8 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

If you think that more people around you are getting involved with growing food plants around their house, you are correct. There are some very good reasons why you should consider doing so yourself. Most retail chains today procure fruits and vegetables from large producers. These are usually grown...

Australia’s Karenni Refugees Cultivate Community Through Wollongong Farming Initiative

Developing small farms on unused land in urban areas could help alleviate chronic unemployment for refugees resettled in Australia. At Mangerton in Wollongong, Karenni refugees are transforming a steep hillside next to the Saint Therese Primary School, into a traditional terraced garden. According to University of Wollongong geographer Ananth Gopal, community...

Facebook Group Cultivates Interest In Organic Vegetables

Scare over widespread use of pesticides has prompted many to turn to organic food and cultivation. Residents of Thiruvananthapuram, India, looking to buy organic vegetables at affordable price now have one more destination to head to. Krishibhoomi, a Facebook group, has started organic vegetable sale every Sunday at L-43, LIC Lane,...

Jackfruits and Grapes in a Pot

When Blany D’souza told people that he was trying to grow jackfruits in a pot, they laughed at him. A Mangalore-based urban gardener with a rapidly increasing social media following, Blany had a green thumb since he was a precocious young boy. However, he finally found the time to set up his own garden only after he returned from the Gulf (where he served as an income auditor at a five-star hotel for six years) in 1998. Thanks to Blany’s careful nurturing, a multitude of fruits and vegetables were soon growing on the 1,200 sq ft terrace of his home in Mangalore. Today, Blany grows nearly 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables on his terrace, with his latest experiments revolving around growing jackfruits and lychees in a pot. In 2015, Blany became a household name among the garden-loving citizens of Mangalore after he helped a couple of his friends set up their terrace gardens.