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Bite-Sized Farming

Cousins in Kenya are building hydroponic vertical farming systems to support urban dwellers shift to healthier alternatives.

Smell of The Earth – Natural Farming Course

Among numerous opportunities to learn and grow, this family-run farm invites visitors to come and learn different techniques in permaculture and urban farming, to share with the community.

Aranya – Turning Barren Land Into A Food Forest With Permaculture

Padma and Narsanna Koppula have turned a barren piece of land in India's Medak district into a food forest by engaging the community that lives around it. Narsanna and Padma have been pursuing permaculture for several years now. According to them, permaculture is pro-nature and pro-people. The word ’permaculture’ is...

The Underground World Of Urban Farming In London

Under an anonymous back street in south London lies a vast underground air-raid shelter that has been turned into a pioneering urban farm supplying supermarkets and restaurants in the capital. The World War II shelter in Clapham, which could protect up to 8,000 people from Nazi German bombs, consists of...

Urban Farming In Singapore Has Moved Into A New, High-Tech Phase

Urban farms have always been popular with gardeners in Singapore, especially those who volunteer at neighbourhood community gardens. Urban farming has become more high-tech and, well, urban. Urban farmers have started growing food in restaurants and taken over unused rooftop carpark spaces to set up garden plots. The gardening enthusiasts in the...

10 Companies Feeding The Urban Farming Boom

farmers' market
With more reports sounding alarms about looming food scarcity issues, there is a boom in agriculture tech, breeding companies offering everything from unorthodox growing setups to soil sensors, hydroponics and all manner of crop data analytics. Alongside the boom in urban ag startups is the growing number of grassroots nonprofit...